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Create Companies, Purposes, Participant Groups, Questionnaires and Accounts with our simple, intuitive platform up to an automated on-line report.

Powerful Reporting and Data Analysis*

Produce a range of graphical charts and graphs from participant responses and detailed analysis of the results.
*Interpretation and recommendations available as part of the additional Consultancy services.
Board Evaluation Software

Board effectiveness

Board effectiveness evaluations have become standard procedures for all modern boards. Whether through regulatory prescription, corporate governance code recommendation or the board’s own initiative; virtually every board has now implemented a process of periodic introspection.

Some boards prefer to keep these reviews internal as self-assessment, using the secretarial services to implement the process, while other boards use external consultants to assist and provide independent insights. Existing processes vary in both depth and breadth of the approach, but most use at least part of the following levels of interaction with the board: Basic Evaluation Processes and Participants.

The Board Practice offers a full suite of services in this regard, but allows the client to select the level of introspection and external intervention.

Please Note: You can use the software tool to test it; without a paid subscription The Board Practice questionnaire demo tool will only allow limited importing of available best-practice questionnaires and themes, but the user can create full sets of questionnaires and participant groups. In addition to this, some of the functionality, such as: Activation, Exporting and Emailing are also deactivated for the demo system, but become available upon the purchase of a subsrciption. The Board Practice accepts no responsibility for any questionnaires created using the demonstration tool.