On-line Questionnaires

Use existing best-practice templates or create customised online questionnaires and only pay once you are ready to start the board effectiveness program.

Consultancy Services

Basic Service not enough? Let our experts assist you in analysing your responses, add recommendations based on global experience and prepare the report to your board.

Full Service

Our comprehensive independent all-inclusive solution provides you with experienced consultants to assist you from start to finish.
  • Self Assessment Toolkit, Board Effectiveness Programs

Features that work to make you more successful

The Basic Service Offering

Is to allow clients to develop their own sets of questionnaires online through the use of the questionnaire generator. While questionnaires can be fully customized, the client can also use existing sets of best-practice questions and themes that are constanly updated and can be used as basis of generating the necessary sets of questionnaires.

Limited consulting services to analyse, recommend and report on questionnaire findings

An extension of the online questionnaire service is the addition of support in analysis of the information obtained in the questionnaires and the completion of a report with interpretation and basic recommendations. Please contact us for more information and pricing.

Full external independent board effectiveness program

Our full process for assisting a board to complete an independent all-inclusive effectiveness program can be found here. The elements of document review, questionnaires, interviews and meeting observations are integrated in close consultation to produce a unique process for the client, ensuring that the expected outcomes are achieved.

Success is built on the ability to identify potential existing or future problems and provide solutions for them. In other circumstances success is based on improving existing solutions. Often the hardest part is not solving the problem but finding it. This is where the elements of data gathering come into play. The user feedback gathered through these basic tools are not only a source of information, but also of benchmarking and improvement.