General Board Advisory Services

Our extensive experience and insights allow us to assist Boards in all aspects of the challenges they are facing.

Our services encompass all aspects of the critical operation of Boards.

Board Committees

Charters & Terms of Reference – Policies

Update of Committee Charters and Terms of Reference is a holistic approach in pursuit of excellence solutions entailing a thorough overview of existing content, benchmarking in accordance with local and international regulatory and investor standards and delivery of effective policy frameworks.

Board Development & Training

Design of Continuing Education using open-ended questions for Collective & Individual Development to stay abreast of developments and guidelines based on the latest Corporate Governance practices and issued regulations. Customised Training Sessions based on the outcomes of Development & Continuing Education assessments.

Board Agenda

Building on Purpose and Engagement

The pursuit of Sustainable Corporate Governance excellence by a Board begins with defining the Corporate Purpose. A truly powerful Purpose Statement issued by any Board achieves the dual goal of clearly articulating the Organisation’s long-term strategic goals as well as motivating and engaging all of its stakeholders.

The Board Practice’s Scope & Purpose Disciplines Framework for the formation of the Board’s Strategic Agenda will support the Chair of the Board and its Committees to review the outcomes of all exercises within a customised Corporate Governance framework for the purpose of building the appropriate Annual Agenda to support and promote the Organisation’s Purpose.

Opinions on Board-level Governance

The Board Practice is regularly requested to draft opinions on critical issues facing Boards, such as independence, relationships and structural issues. Our extensive experience in working with Boards allows us to convey best-practice options, assisting Chairs and Corporate Secretaries to improve their effectiveness in the roles.


One of the best ways of establishing a benchmark of the work of the Board of Directors is by comparing itself to peer Boards, both in terms of structural governance issues, as well as comparing the skills, experience and competencies of Members of peer Boards and Committees. Structural benchmarks include diversity, size, number of meetings and a comparison of Terms of Reference of similar Committees.